Woman tired of boyfriend who always 'walks five metres ahead' shares montage to stop him running off

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A girlfriend tired of trailing behind her speedy boyfriend who 'walks five metres ahead at all times' has shared a montage of their walks - to encourage him to stick with her. Isabella Lowengrip, 31, was 'sick and tired' of chasing her boyfriend, Paul Sundvik, 54, a photographer, around. At ___ft ___ins, his strides are double that of __ft __ ins Isabella, who can barely keep up with her beau of two years. To highlight the problem to her unwitting partner, Isabella decided to subtly record him whilst he unknowingly strolled ahead on their recent holiday in Capri, Italy. She shared the footage on TikTok where it quickly racked up 1.5million views - and says her boyfriend is still 'clueless'. Isabella, an influencer, from Stockholm, Sweden, said: "I'm always yelling at my boyfriend to stop walking so far ahead of me and to hold my hand. "I was getting so annoyed when we were on holiday in Capri that I decided to start filming him. "He still doesn't know 1.5 million people have seen him. He's clueless. "I think it's pretty relatable for a lot of couples. One person always seems to have a longer stride and walk miles ahead. "It's frustrating if you have short legs and get left behind." Isabella captured her boyfriend zooming ahead of her at various locations on their Italian jaunt - including whilst they boarded the plane, walked down cobblestone streets and back to their apartment. "I think this must be a man thing because 100k women have commented saying their boyfriends do the same," she said. "Maybe I have caught onto something? I'm hoping when I show him it, he'll start walking with me and maybe even hold my hand."

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Woman tired of boyfriend who always 'walks five metres ahead' shares montage to stop him running off

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