'Birthday girl in shock on seeing her dad make an unexpected return home '

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UPLOADED: 2022-08-12 VIEWS: 31.8KDURATION: 00:20

A young girl was in utter disbelief when her dad made his highly-anticipated but equally unexpected return home.

The footage shows Adilaina Schmied's heartfelt reunion with his daughter. The youngling's happiness as she interacts with her old man is beyond adorable.

"My husband, who was supposed to be in training till the end of the year, was able to take a leave and come home," the filmer, Sherry Schmied said. "He said he wouldn't miss our daughter's birthday, so we planned this surprise for her."

This video was recorded on May 20, 2022.

Name: Sherry Schmied
Location: Canton, Georgia

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'Birthday girl in shock on seeing her dad make an unexpected return home '

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